Automatic or customer-prompted delivery by trained professionals

Auto-Fill: (With Approved Credit)

NW Ohio Propane will fill your tank automatically, leaving you worry free during the heating season.

  • Deliveries are scheduled by NW Ohio Propane in an effort to maintain uninterrupted propane service at your residence or business providing your account is current. 

  • IMPORTANT:  Auto-Fill is just an estimate.  It uses past history and outdoor temperatures in estimating your tank percentage.  If you have heavy sporadic usage, or inconsistent usage, then the estimate will be inaccurate and you may run out of propane quicker than expected.  Therefore, we ask you to check your tank periodically and call or email us ( with updated tank percentages if there are any changes and/or spikes in usage.

  • We also request you keep us updated on the addition of propane appliances, or if an alternate heat source is being used.



You can call NW Ohio Propane when you feel your tank needs filled, usually when your gauge reads 30%.  Please allow 5 business days for delivery. 

  • A minimum delivery quantity applies.

  • Out-of-gas service fees may be applicable.

  • After hours and weekend delivery charges also apply.

  • New customers may request a delivery by calling our office at 1-844-636-6967 during regular business hours.

  • Existing customers may request a delivery by:

    • Calling our office at 1-844-636-6967 during regular business hours.

    • E-mailing us at

    • Completing our online Delivery Request form.

    • Use the NWOP app. Search for NW Ohio Propane in your device's app store to download and begin using the NWOP app.

Safety Notice:  Do NOT run out of gas! Serious safety hazards can occur including fire or explosion!  Contact us to schedule a delivery and keep your family or employees safe!

To print this webpage for your records, click on the link below: 
Delivery Options for Residential Service