Pricing Options for Residential Service

Pricing Options for Residential Service

Current Price

Current Price is per-gallon price (excluding applicable sales tax) established daily based on market values.

  • A delivery date must be agreed upon, and delivery must be accepted on that date.  If a delivery is cancelled or changed, you may be subject to new pricing as Current Pricing may change at any time without notice.
  • The minimum delivery allowed for Current Pricing is 250 gallons.  If less than 250 gallons is delivered, an additional fee will be applied.



Pre-Buy Pricing is available to customers who own their tank, participate in Auto-Fill and have completed a Pre-Buy Pricing Agreement.  Pre-Buy pricing allows you to buy your winter supply of propane at a guaranteed price for the winter season.

  • A Pre-Buy price is set, and the total amount for your estimated gallons (including sales tax) is due within 15 days of submitting a Pre-Buy Pricing Agreement.  
  • Returning Pre-Buy customers must sign a new Pre-Buy Agreement each year.  The agreement and payment deadline is August 31.
  • This program requires Auto-Fill delivery and a minimum amount of 500 gallons to be purchased.  Gallons purchased will be delivered between September 1 and April 30.
  • Payments into this program are non-refundable.
  • Remaining funds may be applied to future purchases.

If you choose this option, you must complete the Pre-Buy Pricing Agreement and return it to our office annually by August 31.



Price Cap Pricing allows you to lock in a price ceiling for your winter supply of propane.

  • Customers who own their own tank, and wish to participate in the program, will be charged $50 per winter season.
  • A Price-Cap Agreement must be signed and submitted for this option.
  • This program requires a minimum amount of 500 gallons to be purchased throughout September 1 - April 30. Will-Call customers are still required to take delivery of 250 gallons minimum per delivery or additional fees will apply.
  • Price-Cap payment Is due within 15 days of delivery.  Late payment will result in termination of the Price-Cap Agreement and any additional gallons will be charged at the Current Price rate.

If you choose this option, you must complete the Price Cap Pricing Agreement.


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Pricing Options for Residential Service